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Paradise Valley Approves New Short-Term Rental Ordinance

By October 21, 2022January 18th, 2023No Comments

By Caroline Yu | Daily Independent

Paradise Valley residents can hopefully sleep better with Town Council’s latest ordinance, which was approved at a recent meeting, on the regulation of short-term rentals within the community.

After its passing of an ordinance relating to short-term rentals in January, Paradise Valley came under fire for some provisions in the ordinance that violated state law, following an investigation by the Arizona Attorney General’s Office, a town report detailed.

Since the adoption of Senate Bill 1168 earlier this year, which added provisions on short-term rental permits, town staff have worked to incorporate authorizations from it into an amended ordinance.

At the Oct. 13 Town Council meeting, Mayor Jerry Bien-Willner and council members engaged in discussion on the updated ordinance and voted to incorporate it into town code. The mayor attended virtually with Vice Mayor Anna Thomasson directing the meeting in person.

In this version, the town has the authority to issue and suspend permits for STRs. Specifically, it can suspend these permits for up to a year if the property received verified violations of:

  • Serious health and safety
  • Knowingly renting for non-residential use
  • Committing a felony
  • Attempted or completed physical injury or death at the STR

Town Attorney Andrew McGuire, who presented the updates at the meeting, explained that SB 1168 made the reasons for suspension quite specific. For example, a given STR needs three violations of health and safety to be suspended.

Additionally, the town may issue penalties for code violations of up to $3,500 or three nights rent. It also requires background checks for STR guests and hosts.

McGuire noted that a provision related to neighborhood notification of new short-term rentals, which was discussed at the previous council meeting, would not be included in the final ordinance based on town council and staff direction.

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