Pending further review, our board of directors has suspended all in-person RMS Meetings & Tours due to public health concerns. In the meantime, any Virtual RMS Meetings are scheduled here.

To Put a Home On Tour

Click here to fill out the Tour Request Form. Please read the Tour Guidelines tab below as it can differ by tour area. Fees and/or a wait-list may be involved, so contact the Tour Director for more information.
Note: A volunteer will confirm when your home tour is scheduled.

7:30 a.m. – Networking & Breakfast
8 a.m. – Meeting with speaker and affiliate spotlite
Tour follows.

$8 admission includes breakfast.
Open to any REALTOR® or paid SAAR affiliate member.

1.  Home must be ACTIVE on the MLS with a valid MLS# to submit for tour
2.  Click here to complete the online form
3.  Agents wishing to place a home on tour must attend the FHRMS meeting & tour through to the glow the week prior, as well as the day of the tour, this must be the same agent. Check in & pay by 8:00am.
4. The listing agent or co-listing agent that hosts the home on tour is the same agent that attended the meeting and tour the week prior.
5. Home Tour Fee: A $15 Fee ($15 fee per home) is to be paid the morning of the tour. The $15 fee can be paid by cash, check or credit card at the door. If the fee is not paid, then the home will be removed from the tour. (this is in addition to the $8.00 fee to attend RMS)

1. The listing agent MUST check in and pay by 8:00am, be present at the RMS meeting as well as be present to confirm their listing is ready for tour. If the agent does not attend, the listing will NOT be on tour.
2. Agents please use Open House signs at the listing during the tour.
3. Once everyone has toured Home #1, agent should lock up and go to Home #2. Call Home #2 agent to let them know they are on their way. This format of contacting the next agent on tour is to continue throughout the last home on tour. This will keep the tour moving efficiently until we arrive at the Glow Home (or the last house on tour). NOTE: If for any reason you will not be going to the home after yours on the tour, please call that agent so they can keep the tour moving.
4. Touring agents must tour every house on tour to be eligible for the drawing at the end of the tour. Listing agents with a home on tour, are exempt from the rule to tour every house to be eligible for the drawing at the end since it is not feasible for them to tour all homes and hold their listing open for tour.

1. There will be a drawing for $20 at the Glow House. The agent must be present to win, attended the meeting and toured all the homes. If there is no Glow House, there will be no drawing.
2. Builder or vacant homes will only be considered for tour if final flooring is complete.
3. Homes can only be on tour 1 time during a 6-month period by the same agent.
4. Only 1 home per listing agent will be allowed on tour each week.
5. Agents working as a team, with both names on the listing, can have up to 2 homes on tour per week.
6. If you cancel a home for tour, you may NOT substitute another listing in its place.
7. A home must be ACTIVE to be toured.
8. Please do not tout a home that will be on tour that day during the Wants and Needs or Announcement portions of the meeting. Please tout your listing as agents tour property and at glow.
9. Limit all wants and needs to no more than 3 items please.
10. If you have signed up to be a Glow Home please be sure there are tables and chairs, arrange for food/sponsors and have a receptacle to collect business cards. Don’t forget garbage bags and beverages. If you need assistance with Sponsors, please ask any of the tour directors for suggestions or contact your favorite affiliates.

Director: Bev Shepard | 480.628.6268 | email

Co-Director: Brian Dillman | 206.651.6118 | email

Tour Directors:
Susan Dempster | 480.353.1555 | email
Jill Wicker | 602.402.1993 | email
Jodie Winters | 480.334.0808 | email

Robin Brand | 602-818-6942 | email
Sharla Taylor | 206-799-8444 | email

Speaker Coordinators:
Rob Cannon | 623.302.3684 | email
Suzanne Nann | 480.586.5333 | email

Affiliate Coordinator:
Martha Andrighetti | 480.580.8888 | email

Social Directors:
Lorri Phillips | 480-580-2301 | email
Sheri Patton | 480-836-8600 | email
Art Tolis | 480-270-9244 | email

Breakfast Coordinator: David Owens | 480.277.6081 | email

Barista: Randy McMichael | 602.692.1214 | email

Charity Coordinators:
Erin Holman | 602.549.3746 | email
Ron Peters | 480.816.8552 | email

RMS Meetings

8:00 am Carefree/Cave Creek @ Harold's Cave Creek Corral
Carefree/Cave Creek @ Harold's Cave Creek Corral
May 20 @ 8:00 am
8:00 a.m. – Networking & Breakfast 8:30 a.m. – Meeting Begins If you want to submit a home to be on tour, you can find the form on the Carefree Cave Creek RMS landing page. …
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8:00 am Fountain Hills RMS @ Zoom details will be shared with registrants
Fountain Hills RMS @ Zoom details will be shared with registrants
May 21 @ 8:00 am
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, in-person RMS meetings are postponed until further notice. Pre-registration is required for virtual meetings. Open to any REALTOR® or paid SAAR Affiliate member. For more information, visit the Fountain Hills …
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