The Scottsdale Area Association of REALTORS® (SAAR) is pleased to offer more REALTOR® Marketing Sessions (RMS) and Home Tours than any other group or association in the valley!

Our REALTOR® Marketing Sessions (RMS) meetings are a great way to network, learn about your market, and showcase your listings. Best of all, no pre-registration is necessary – just show up! Check out the calendar on our website to find the next RMS meeting coming up in your market.

What does RMS stand for?

It stands for REALTOR® Marketing Sessions.

How many RMS meetings are there?

There are nine separate groups covering different geographical areas and price points:

In addition, there is a marketing meeting for Commercial Real Estate practitioners called The Commercial Forum.

Is it just a home tour?

While each of RMS groups have a tour as part of the meeting (with the exception of the Commercial Forum) these meetings have much more to offer.

Not every RMS is exactly the same. A typical RMS meeting will include the following components:

  • Reception:  Usually the first half hour of the meeting is devoted to registration and networking among REALTORS® and AFFILIATES.  Often food and beverages are served during this time as well.
  • Program:  Some RMS groups may have a program, and this will include market updates, updates on housing within the tour boundaries, financial/lender updates, AFFILIATE updates on emerging issues REALTORS® need to be aware of, etc.  Many meetings also invite an industry or community leader to speak on a topic of relevance.

How do REALTORS® benefit by attending?

There are many, many ways that attending REALTOR® Marketing Sessions can benefit your work as a REALTOR®:

  • The speakers programs are a wonderful way to keep current on emerging real estate issues, local and state issues and new programs from lenders, title companies, inspection companies, home warranty companies and the many other services we use as REALTORS®
  • Interacting with other REALTORS® is an excellent way to improve your knowledge of day-to-day challenges by learning from their experience.  Getting to know REALTORS® who will be on the other side of your next transaction can only help you work more effectively together.
  • The tours are undeniably the best way to see what is available and exactly how your peers are evaluating available listing in appearance, quality and pricing, knowledge that can only improve your ability to provide better service to your clients.

How do I find out where the RMS meetings are held?

Simple, just click here to see a map showing the geographic area covered by each REALTOR® Marketing Session.

Registration is simple too.  Just go to the meeting. No need to pre-register.

Depending on the meeting there is usually a nominal registration fee to cover the location and refreshments, which you can pay at the door and you will quickly discover that the REALTOR® Marketing Sessions are some of the best educational and networking events available.

Who is allowed to attend an RMS meeting?

The RMS meetings are open to any REALTOR®. However, all vendors/industry partners must be AFFILIATE Members of the Scottsdale Area Association of REALTORS® to attend.

If I like the meetings, can I get involved?

ABSOLUTELY!!!  Like most Scottsdale Area Association of REALTORS®’ programs, the REALTOR® Marketing Sessions are run by volunteer members.  If you would like to participate and are an active SAAR member just give your name to any of the people running the meeting, or visit the RMS page on our website and email one of the individual tour directors.  We are always looking for, and welcome, more involvement from our members.