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Report: 1 in 17 Scottsdale Residents Is a Millionaire

By March 28, 2024No Comments

By Sam Kmack | Arizona Republic

Scottsdale’s millionaire population more than doubled over the past decade, making it the city with the second fastest growing population with residents worth at least $1 million in the country during that timeframe, according to The USA Wealth Report 2024 by Henley & Partners.

The national firm tracks wealth in communities across the United States. Its most recent report showed that Scottsdale’s millionaire-or-wealthier population skyrocketed by 102% between 2013 and 2023, the biggest uptick of any American city aside from Austin, Texas, which experienced a 110% increase during that period.

The community of about 243,000 residents is now home to 14,500 millionaires, 63 centi-millionaires who are worth at least $100 million, and five billionaires.

That means that roughly one in every 17 Scottsdale residents is worth at least $1 million, or about 6% of the city’s total population.

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