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Council Considers Changes to Scottsdale’s
Old Town Area Character Plan

By February 22, 2024No Comments

By J. Graber | Daily Independent

The Scottsdale City Council liked proposed changes to the Old Town Character Area Plan presented by City Principal Planner Adam Yaron during the council’s Feb. 20 meeting.

The council did not approve the changes to the document that was last updated in 2018, but it did approve of what Yaron proposed.

The changes were to:

  • Downtown development types,
  • Development flexibility,
  • Bonus considerations, and
  • Open space requirements.

First on the list of changes were to development types, which dictate how high buildings may be in the downtown area.

Type 1 allows for heights up to 48 feet (40 feet in the Old Town area); Type 2 allows for heights up to 66 feet; type 2.5 allows for heights of 66 feet; and type 3 allows for heights up to 84 feet. That’s before bonuses for public amenities like open space and public art are figured in.

The changes proposed by Yaron included things like eliminating the type 2.5 area and replacing it with type 2, adding the Old Town area to the types map, change type 3 areas near the Arizona Canal to type 2, change the type 2 area at the southeast corner of Indian School Road and Scottsdale Road to type 1 and change the type 1 area at the northwest corner of Indian School Road and Marshall Way to type 2.

The plan also calls for the management of prospective changes to preserve existing property rights.

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