Scottsdale Resort Expansion Includes 10 New Guest Units

By Caroline Yu | Daily Independent

Andaz Scottsdale Resort & Bungalows looks to expand its property as Paradise Valley’s planning commission considers the permits to allow construction.

The resort seeks to develop a 5-acre lot at 6041 Quail Run Road to create 10 additional, one-story guest units with pools, a service building and walls for the perimeter, according to a town staff report.

This requires Andaz request a special-use permit amendment and rezoning from the town to proceed. On Oct. 13, council ordered the commission to review the permit, focusing on any visible, audible and operational effects of the project.

During its Nov. 15 meeting, the town’s planning commission reviewed the resort’s expansion proposal and the results of its studies on those areas. George Burton, senior town planner, led the presentation to commissioners.

Burton said the meeting’s goal was to not only review but to receive commissioners’ feedback on the proposal, which covered the guest units, lighting, landscaping, noise and the dedication of a right of way at Quail Run Road.

In their discussion, commissioners agreed the distance between the units and the property line were compliant with town guidelines.

As for visual impacts, the commission examined the resort’s plans for external lighting, specifically the expected lumens, or how much light they emit, of the lighting poles. The lighting will match existing resort lights, which are compliant with the permit Andaz seeks.

However, there was one light fixture deviating from permit guidelines that will be used to light the property sign.

Commissioners struggled with this item, but before discussing the landscaping, Commissioner Thomas Campbell said with the amount of buildings and landscaping he doesn’t believe “they’re going to have a big impact.”

Going forth, the commission will be discussing an updated plan on Dec. 20 and a public hearing on this case on Jan. 18, 2023. There will be a neighborhood meeting as well at least 10 days prior to the hearing.

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