REALTORS® Should Comply with Recent Mask Mandate

UPDATE: Face Coverings are Still Required in Scottsdale

Regardless of where you live in the Maricopa County, the message is clear: You must wear a face covering (mask) in All Places of Public Accommodation. That includes essential real estate services.

“This is not a matter of personal or political preference,” said Scottsdale REALTORS® 2020 President Sindy Ready. “It is for your protection and the safety of your clients.”

Last week, the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors issued regulations requiring face coverings effective June 20; below is an excerpt.

II. Use of Face Coverings
A. (A)ll persons in Maricopa County who do not qualify for an exemption described in Section III of these regulations must wear a Face Covering under the following circumstances:

iv. All Places of Public Accommodation shall require staff members to wear, and those staff members shall wear, Face Coverings while working in areas open to the general public and areas in which interactions with other staff members are likely.

Some may be tempted to interpret Section III.A (These regulations do not apply to persons in Homes) as an exemption to listings, showings and selling homes. But the County defines ‘home’ as a person’s residence, to include the dwelling structure and all property legally associated with the dwelling structure.

Scottsdale REALTORS® CEO Rebecca Grossman added, “Even if it came down to a ‘For Sale by Agent-Owner’ situation, we strongly suggest that you follow the same masking procedures no matter who is selling or where you are showing.”

Cave Creek and Fountain Hills Respond to Regs

In response to Maricopa County’s mask regulations, Cave Creek Mayor Ernie Bunch said in a press release that it makes sense for mask mandates to be uniform considering that thousands of people move between municipalities every day.

The Fountain Hills Town Council had voted not to require face masks, but the County regulations overrode that decision. Fountain Hills Mayor Ginny Dickey told The Arizona Republic that the Board of Supervisors “took responsibility to safeguard their constituents.”

IV. Territorial Applicability
B. These regulations set minimum standards for Face Coverings. Nothing in these regulations prohibits or impedes any city, town, other public entity, or private entity from enacting and enforcing more restrictive regulations regarding the use of Face Coverings. (emphasis added)

Scottsdale Mayor Jim Lane had issued a similar pro-mask proclamation effective June 19.

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