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What is RoboForm®

RoboForm® is a program that installs on your computer to securely manage all of your passwords.  When you surf to a login page, RoboForm® recognizes the page and automatically fills in the password.  Now, all you need to remember is one, master password that unlocks all the rest.

RoboForm2Go® is the flash drive version of RoboForm® that allows you to take your passwords with you anywhere you go for use on any computer.  RoboForm2Go® can synchronize with the desktop RoboForm® using GoodSync (desktop) or GoodSync2Go (flash drive) to make sure you always have the current password information you need.

How to Get RoboForm®

We recommend that you first try RoboForm® for free.  Go to and click the Download RoboForm® FREE button to get RoboForm® on your computer.  What you’ll get is a fully functioning password manager on multiple computers and mobile devices.

What you get in this free trial is RoboForm®:

  • Up to 10 logins
  • Free on mobile devices
  • Free on desktops and laptops
  • Free sync and backup
  • Free form filling and bookmark sync
  • Includes 24/7 email and live chat support
  • No ads, no credit card required
  • Works on Windows, Mac, iOS and Android

Once you’ve had a chance to try RoboForm®, we think you’ll like it.

What you get in RoboForm® Everywhere  is:

  • Unlimited passwords and bookmarks
  • Unlimited form filling and Safenotes
  • Unlimited sync and backup
  • Multiple computers, mobile devices and tablets
  • Free upgrades
  • Includes phone support and 24/7 email and live chat
  • Works on Windows, Mac iOS and Android

We think that once you try RoboForm®, you’ll never go back to your previous method of storing passwords and electronic data.

Click here to get RoboForm® Everywhere.



Toll Free: 866-833-7357

Direct: 480-304-8930