SAAR Takes a Stand On 2019 Bond Election

The Scottsdale Area Association of REALTORS® (SAAR) has announced its support of three, new ballot measures that will promote overall quality of life without increasing property taxes.

Funding for 58 projects addressing public safety, parks and recreation, and infrastructure will be voted on in a special bond election on Nov. 5, 2019. Divided into three questions on the ballot, these measures will enhance community spaces, bolster public safety, upgrade technology; expand parks, recreation and senior services.

“These ballot measures are critical to our city’s ability to deliver the quality of life we have all come to expect,” said SAAR CEO Rebecca Grossman. “Housing values depend on continual investment in infrastructure needs and city amenities, so congratulations to the city officials on forwarding these initiatives to the citizens.”

After extensive review of the mail-in ballot language, SAAR’s Government Affairs Committee and Board of Directors determined that all three of the measures are in alignment with the association’s policy platform.

“We have more than 9,000 active members and affiliates,” added SAAR 2019 President David Schmid. “As advocates for homeowners, part of our job is to help educate voters and collaborate with community partners on why it’s imperative that these bond measures pass.”

In 2000, Scottsdale voters approved a $361M bond package and those measures are set to retire. The 2019 ballot measures are capped at $319M, so property owners would see a reduction in property taxes from approximately 32-cents to 28-cents per $100 of assessed valuation used for secondary tax purposes.

“Renovation, expansion and repairs are among the financial demands facing the City of Scottsdale,” Schmid continued. “This bond package will help fund a modicum of projects and services necessary to maintain a high quality of life at a reasonable cost.”

The Scottsdale Association of REALTORS® is asking its members and all voters to show their support by voting ‘YES’ on Questions 1, 2, and 3 on their mail-in ballots.

The City of Scottsdale will mail informational pamphlets to all registered voters on or before October 1, 2019.

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