Amendments allowing sales of manufactured and mobile homes

On March 21, 2017, Governor Doug Ducey approved amendments to the Arizona Revised Statues (Section 1. Section 41-4028) and signed House Bill 2072 into law. It shall now read: [more …]

  1. Any person engaged in installing manufactured homes, mobile homes or accessory structures and licensed in an appropriate category by the registrar of contractors pursuant to title 32, chapter 10, article 2 is exempt only from the licensing requirements of this article. B. The requirements of this chapter applicable to dealers and brokers do not apply to persons performing the following transactions: [read complete House Bill …]

The amendments allow a real estate broker or sales person to act on behalf of someone who is a dealer of manufactured homes provided that person is licensed through the Arizona Department of Housing (ADOH) and with other requirements. Brokers and sales persons can also act on behalf of private parties (with requirements) in transactions of mobile or manufactured homes in mobile home parks. Such amendments will broaden the scope of available listings for local brokers and the details should be reviewed in their entirety before pursuing such opportunities. Refer to a series of articles published by the Arizona Association of REALTORS® to be fully informed.