Scottsdale sign ordinance, phase 2  (We’re not done yet!)

By:  Suzanne Brown, Director of Community & Government Affairs

Recently, the Scottsdale Area Association of REALTORS® (SAAR) brought to everyone’s attention, via a timely “Call For Action,” the critical issues going on with proposed text amendments to the City of Scottsdale’s current sign ordinance.

Since that time, SAAR has worked diligently with city officials and staff to provide input and apply a Land Use Initiative Grant—provided through the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR)—to assist ongoing discussions. These discussions between SAAR and the city will continue and final revisions will be shared as soon as they are made available. A point of importance to distinguish is that this is only Phase 1 of a two-phase update to the sign ordinance! The phases are as follows:

Phase 1    |   Temporary and Semi-Permanent Signs  2-TA-2016  (for sale, open house, directional, etc.)

Phase 2    |   Permanent Signs  1-TA-2017  (subdivisions, multifamily, commercial, etc.)

In the recent Planning Commission report (April 26, 2017), the following “Next Steps” are noted for Phase 2:

  • May 24, 2017 (tentative) Planning Commission meeting for possible action.
  • June 2017 (tentative) City Council meeting.
  • Late Fall 2017: Staff is anticipating completion of the second permanent signs text amendment which will address: sign definitions, general sign provisions, sign programs, formatting, and may include modifications to the scenic corridor sign requirement.

What this means is there is still another part of the sign ordinance amendments which is being revised and an opportunity for SAAR members and Scottsdale citizens to comment on these proposed changes.

To provide comment, send an email to Contact Current Planning. Be sure to reference the specific case number when sending email.

Additionally, comments and insights regarding the proposed amendments for the permanent signs can be emailed to Suzanne Brown, Director of Community & Government Affairs, at




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